A Horse and His Owner…

The love between a horse and his owner is like no other.  My aunt Sue, whom I speak of on my  “About” page, has asked me to shoot photos for her on two different occasions.  Both times I have been flattered, nervous, and excited all at the same time.  I mean who wouldn’t be…she is the professional photographer that has been taking my pictures since I was a baby!    Sue asked me to shoot her daughters wedding several years ago and most recently pictures of her and her horse Max.  Max is 30 years old and showing signs of age.  Sue wanted to make sure she had a portrait of the two of them to remember all the special moments that they have shared over the years.

We started in the early morning hours just as the light was peeking over the trees.  Max had a minor hair crisis that morning that was quickly fixed with a straightener :)…yes Sue straightened Max’s bangs.  The day was beautiful and beautiful pictures were sure to result!  Although our session got cut short we were able to get some beautiful portraits of Max and Sue!  I love you Sue and I look forward to finishing up our session.

Sue and Max


Sue and Max 3View Entire Session

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