Where should I get my professional photos printed?

Of course you know my answer to that question…ME!

I held out offering a disk of high resolution images to my customers for a long time. ¬†It wasn’t because I’m a stick in the mud or control freak…okay I might be a little bit of a control freak ūüôā it was more because my work and my prints that are framed in homes are often times my best advertisement. ¬†When I offer a disk the customer has the ability to print their photos wherever they want. ¬†However, a bad print job can ruin a beautiful photo! ¬†The last impression I want to leave on a prospect is a negative one and that is likely when my customers print their own images.

I figure if I’m going to offer the disk, I will at least try to educate my customers and point them in the right direction if they are going to choose to print their own images. ¬†So…I have taken the liberty of printing the same photo with several different printing companies.

I use a professional print company for my personal and customer photo prints.  The quality of paper is excellent, the finish is a subtle matte texture, the color is excellent, and my enlargements come with a rigid backing so they are ready to put in a frame.  When your photos are printed through me they are looked at and ran through a printer by a team of professionals that do this for a living!

The test I performed was with four different printing companies:  My professional printer, Meijer on Illinois Rd., Shutterfly, and Mpix.  The image below shows subtle differences between printers so I took one of the images and shot it close up; this is where you can really start seeing the difference.

There are many things to consider when picking how and where you should print your professional photos.

  • Quality of paper
  • Quality & consistenscy of color
  • Turn around time
  • Your time
  • Cost

I still believe my product is better, but among the others to my surprise Meijer had a good overall product. ¬†Meijer’s cost was the best and the turn around time was quick…no waiting for shipping. ¬†However, I believe for large prints one of the others would be better suited.

I hope this helps when making your decisions on printing your next batch of photos.

6 photos printed by 4 different printers

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