Howard Family 2022

Howard Family Portraits 22

I have photographed the Howard family for several years now. These portraits are my favorite of any session I have done for them. They are the perfect combination of posed and candid shots. Sara envisioned open fields and tall grass for their session this year. We found the perfect spot… well all except for the mosquitoes. The things we do for pictures! Here are some of my favorites. You can check out all the Howard Family Proofs Here.

Howard Family of 3 Portraits

Busemeyer Family 2022

These family portraits were taken in about a 15 minute window between torrential down pours! The kids were great and we were able to capture some fantastic moment in between rain drops. Here are some of my favorites but check out all of The Busemeyer Proofs Here.

Grady’s Senior Portraits

Senior Guy Portraits

Seniors all over our area are finishing up their last year of high school. There is always excitement in the air this time of year. I’m not sure if it is because we are finally seeing a turn in the weather, school is letting out, the start of a new chapter, or all of the above. Regardless, it is fun time of the year. Grady is a senior and will be starting a new chapter of his life soon, but not before mom gets her senior portraits! Here is one of my favorites. Check out all of Grady’s Senior Proofs Here.

Senior Portraits

Meet Jones

Newborn portraits

Can you think of a cuter name! I can’t and I’m not just saying that because this is my nephew. Jones came into the world quickly which called for an unscheduled newborn session the weekend of Thanksgiving. He is the cutest little thing I have ever seen and his big sisters absolutely love him! Here is one of my favorites, but be sure to check out all of the Proofs Here.

Jones Newborn

Godfrey Family Portraits

Fall family portraits

We sure got lucky for this late fall family portrait session! This session was done at the end of November because our first date was rained out. I have seen snow in late November in Indiana before! We not only had mild temperatures, but we actually still had some color on the trees. The Godfrey family portraits turned out absolutely great! Here is one of my favorites but be sure to check out all the Godfrey Proofs Here.

fall family portraits