Business Professional Photo

What does your professional photo say about you?  Before you get a business professional portrait consider asking yourself these questions…

What are you using the photo for?     An insert in a magazine or flyer, Business Card, Social Media

How do I want to be portrayed?     Serious, Fun, Natural, Creative

What is my style?     Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Earthly

Who is my audience?     Middle Aged Men, Young Couples, Single Women, Elderly

All of these questions should be considered when doing a business portrait.  You may need two different style of portraits to accommodate the different ways the portrait will be used.

I recently did a business professional portrait for a family member that will be speaking for an event in Chicago (whoop whoop…You go Trent).  He will be speaking to about 200 automotive professionals.  The group is highly motivated and on the cutting edge of automotive buying, selling, and appraising!  We took two sets of photos.  A traditional professional shot and a more modern take on the business professional shot.  Take a look at how different business portraits can look…depending on the overall mood and style you are going for.





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