Children Milestone Portraits

How often and when should I get my child’s portraits taken? ¬†Well…if you ask me I think you should get them taken all the time ūüôā ¬†In all seriousness it is really up to you. ¬†A child has the most significant and fastest changes during the first year of their lives. ¬†That is why it is recommended to have several portrait sessions done during this period of time. ¬†The most common milestones to have pictures taken are newborn (1 month or younger), 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year old. ¬†However, these are just guidelines.

It is important to know what to expect from your little one at each of these milestones. ¬†At 8 weeks your newborn is filling out and most likely won’t stay swaddled in a tight ball snoozing. ¬†At 3 months you can’t expect your child to sit up on their own for pictures. ¬†Below are some images to highlight each milestone listed above to give you an idea of the type of session you are likely to experience for each.

Newborn Photo Session 2 weeks old

Two Weeks
Sleeping and Curled Up

8 week old little boy pictures

Eight Weeks
Filling & Stretching Out and Open Eyes

3 Months Holding Head Up

Three Months
Holding Head Up

6 Months Sitting and Starting to Crawl

Six Months
Sitting and Starting to Crawl

9 Months Crawling and Standing

Nine Months
Crawling and Pulling Up

1 Year Pictures Standing, Walking with help

One Year
Standing and Walking with Help



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