Customize Your iPhone 6

We live in a digital world!  More and more photos are being stored on hard drives and in the “cloud”.  Even I’m guilty of taking pictures of my kids that never find their way to photo paper.  However, there is a silver lining…while there are less photos being printed on photo paper there is an increase in options for printing photo accessories.  From blankets and pillows to ornaments, coasters, and phone cases there are an unlimited number of everyday items that can be customized with your most beloved portraits.

My photo accessory weakness is phone cases!  I love to customize my gadgets so they are unique and personal.  My camera has a custom strap from Etsy and my phone has a custom case.  I currently have an iPhone 5s and have several custom photo cases that I swap in and out.  With the new iPhone 6 release it is customary for all you gadget loving addicts to look for ways to make your devices unique.  Companies like Shutterfly are offering multiple ways to customize your new iPhone 6 casewith your favorite photos!  Shutterfly offers a silicone liner or a slim case that come in both matte and glossy finish.  Both the silicone and the slim iPhone 6 cases from Shutterfly have several designs available with templates that contain space for 1-3 images.  Below is my favorite template with our latest family photo on the beach of Gulf Shores, AL.


My Favorite Template for the iPhone 6 on Shutterfly




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