Gifting Family Portraits

Portraits are the best gift you could ever get your parents or grandparents.  When I’m deciding on what gifts to give my friends and family members I try to use these parameters: something unique, something they wouldn’t normally buy themselves, and something that is related to their interests.  Portraits are always unique because it has usually been at least 10 years since the last one (unless your are in my family), they are something that isn’t a necessity so they are put off, and what mom or grandparent isn’t interested in there kids and grand kids 🙂

My sister called me and wanted to get an updated portrait of all of us kids to give to Amy (my stepmom, her mom).  What a fantastic gift!  I snapped a couple shots with my iPhone of clothing color palette options and let them decide what color they wanted to or could most easily match.

Once the color palette was chosen for our family portrait, then is was time to find a location.  Because all of my sisters live in southern Indiana we agreed it would be easier to take the portraits at our next visit; not to mention southern Indiana is gorgeous compared to flat northern Indiana :).  Sorry all you northerners my roots are in the south.  Take a look at our updated family portraits.

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Tips to keep in mind when giving portraits as gifts:

Don’t call the photographer 1 week before the birthday or event to schedule pictures.  You should be contacting your photographer (hopefully me) no later than 1 month before if you plan on showing them online proofs and no later than 2 months before if you plan on gifting actual prints.

If you want to include the gift receiver in your photo session give a gift certificate.


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