Letty 1 Year

Earlier this year I was a part of project to help raise money for LLS.  I photographed men and women from many of the Fort Wayne Fire Departments.  These photographs were used to create a calendar to help raise money to support a great cause.  The fundraiser comes to a close with a wonderful event that announces the winner (who raised the most money).  At this event there are silent auction items that are bid on.  This is how I met the Keena’s.  They bid on my silent auction item and won!   

They decided to use the session to get portraits of their 1 year old little girl and some winter family pictures.  The Keena’s were absolutely amazing to photograph and their little girl was darling!  Because the session was scheduled for mid December we decided to shoot at the Botanical Gardens.  There are plenty of options for warm indoor shots as well as outdoors if the weather is mild.  The temperatures ended up being very reasonable and we ventured outdoors for much of the session.  These 1 year and winter family portraits turned out stunning!  I absolutely love all the candid shots.  Here are some of my favorites and of course you can view all the proofs from this 1 year portrait session here.

1 year portraits, winter family portraits, Columbia City Photographer


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