Our Family Picture 2015

Each year we do a family picture in the fall for our Christmas cards.  For the past several years my husband has participated in a fundraiser to raise awareness for men’s health called Movember.  This involves shaving his facial hair into a creepy mustache for the entire month of November!  Therefore, it is my personal mission to get our family pictures done before the mustache makes an appearance.  This year we planned our family photo shoot for mid October after church.  The trees in the woods behind our house were beautiful this year, so the location was  a no brainer.  We even took the dog (Grissom) with us this year and he was in several of the final portraits.  Here are some of my favorites from our Fall 2015 Family Woods Portrait Session:

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It was several weeks later when I started looking for the perfect Christmas card.  Have you ever been drawn to that card that just isn’t fitting the photo you had in mind?  I quickly noticed all of the designs that I had chosen weren’t going to work with the beautiful pictures we had taken a month before.  Any other person would just choose a different style of Christmas card…Not me.  We had made plans to go out one evening as a family so I used the opportunity of clean hair, faces, and decent clothes to retake our photos specifically for the Christmas card designs I had chosen.  The only thing I couldn’t change was the mustache on my husbands face.  It was his payback for having to sit through another round of family pictures lol!  In the end it was totally worth it.  The family picture turned out great and I captured one of my all time favorite pictures of the kids!  I ordered my Christmas cards from Vistaprint this year.  They were good quality and an even better price.  I ordered from tinyprints last year and the quality was a little better, but the price was more too.  I also typically like tinyprint’s designs.  Depending on what you are looking for both have great options for Christmas cards.

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