Printing Pictures From Your Smart Phone

In the world of digital media more and more photos are being kept on hard drives, phones, and cds instead of in photo boxes or albums.  However, some companies are finding ways to encourage those “smart phone picture taking fools” to print their images.  Instagram has a couple new partners in crime that are not only encouraging photogs to print photos from your smart phone but they are making it extremely easy!

Sticky9 is a web service that accesses your Instagram photos easily letting you print your photos in the form of magnets, phone cases, and ipad cases.  A heads up though..shipping tends to be on the high side because they are located in the United Kingdom.  They also ship via DHL and require a signature to leave your package.Magnets


Print Shop is an ap that also accesses your Instagram, cameral roll, and albums to easily order from your smartphone.  I haven’t had the opportunity to use the Print Shop ap, but I have heard good reviews.   My sister has used them and I just downloaded the ap myself.  After going through the ap it appears to have more options than Sticky9.  While Print Shop also requires a signature for their deliveries, they have their customer in mind and clearly state this information on the checkout page.

Print Shop 3

Print Shop




As a photographer, mom of two, wife, daughter, gardener, and housekeeper being able to print my photos from my smart phone in such a quick and convenient way is great!  Not to mention the prints and magnets make great gifts!  I have had a ton of compliments on mine and ordered a set of magnets for mother’s day to give to my mother-in-law, mom and step mom.

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