Time for a New Business Head Shot

I have been wanting to update my head shot for a while now.  I was having a decent hair day and liked my new spring sweater so I convinced my husband to take a couple minutes out of his day to snap a couple new professional head shots.  Another reason I wanted a new professional head shot was because my last photos were taken in my basement  with studio lights.  I love natural light portraits and wanted my photo to be done in natural light.  However, this impromptu portrait didn’t come without complication!

The day was a bit cloudy so I had to move some furniture around to get close to my largest light source and have a nice background.  As I was opening my curtains the large wooden rod came crashing down and hit me right in the bridge of my nose!  My first instinct was to grab my nose and prepare for the blood that was surely to come pouring out.  Surprisingly, there was no blood!  Once my eyes quit watering I quickly grabbed my camera and told my husband “hurry get a couple shots in before it swells up or start to bruise”…now that is dedication ha or insanity.   The end results turned out nice.  Take a look at my updated business professional head shot session (I included some of the out takes).

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