Treadway Extended Family

Extended family portraits can be challenging to arrange.  In todays busy world it can be difficult to feel like you have time to breath; let alone get family members together, hair combed, noses booger free and oh yea you have to coordinate outfits. I mean…that takes a lot of time and effort!

I love families who take the time to recognize how important it is to capture precious memories of their growing families with an extended family portrait session.  This extended family portrait session brought family members all the way from sunny Florida!  Now that is making time and giving effort!  It is difficult for me to get a picture of my family and we all live within 10 square miles of each other.

The Treadway family was absolutely extraordinary to work with.  We had tons of fun and captured some great family portraits along with a bunch of other great shots.  Here are some of my favorites…Follow the link to view the entire family portrait session.

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