Baby Titus



And then there were 5…

Friends of ours had their third baby boy last week.  Little Titus was so handsome and looks just like his brother Eli, it is almost scary!  This rambunctious family of 5 kept me on my toes and the result was beautiful.  We photographed everything except the kitchen sink.  My primary goal was to get some fabulous newborn portraits of Titus, because Becca didn’t have the opportunity to do so with her other 2 boys.  In addition to the newborn pictures I was able to get sibling portraits, some pictures with dad and some darling mom and newborn shots.  Becca, it takes a special woman to live, feed, and love 4 boys…yes I included Justin her husband 🙂  I’m so happy for you both, you have a beautiful family and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to capture these special moments.

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