Senior Sports Banners

For the past several years I have shot, designed, and printed the Churubusco senior football banners.  This year I had the opportunity to do banners for the Columbia City senior volleyball players.  I absolutely love the finished product and had to share.  Each team has a custom designed banner that matches their school colors.  This year, for the football team, I added a filter to give the guys that rough, tough look.  There were two managers and a senior cheerleader for the team so I applied a much more feminine filter for the ladies.  Take a look at each of the designs below.

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Sports banners are a great way to recognize the last 4 years of athletic accomplishment.  The banners are 2ft. x 3ft in size, printed on outdoor grade vinyl, and metal grommets around the edges.  If you have a group of senior athletes that you want to recognize by printing a senior banner contact me today.



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