Family Portrait Outfit Ideas

A beautiful location and experienced photographer can all be ruined by an outfit choice.  That is why I discuss what theme or feel the family envisions for their family portraits before the photo session.  After having this conversation I can pick out a suitable location in the Columbia City or Ft. Wayne area and bring appropriate props.  However, one thing that I don’t have control over is what the family decides to wear to their appointment.  So here are some tips on what to wear for your next family portrait session.

What not to wear for your next family portrait session:

  • No Tennis Shoes
  • Do Not Wear Lots of Patterns
  • No Sleeveless Tops
  • No White Socks

What clothing to wear for your next family picture:

  • One or two people (usually children) with a pattern and everyone else coordinate with solid colors
  • Dark shoes and socks
  • Something that you are comfortable in
  • Outfits that reflect your families character and style (if your family is relaxed then wear jeans!)

Another great tip is to lay out several combinations of clothing about 2 weeks prior to your family portrait appointment.  You will tend to gravitate towards one and that should be your portrait outfit ideas, what to wear for family pictures, clothes for family pictures, family portrait clothes, Columbia City Photographer, Family portraits, Ft. Wayne family pictures

As a photographer it is my responsibility to fix hair, jewelry, and some clothing.  However, my main focus is to get you to smile naturally and look great.  If I have to worry about hiding your dirty tennis shoes or white socks every frame, then it takes away from me being able to focus on the more important stuff like your face!  Contact me today to book your next Family Portrait Session.



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