Newborn Session Preparation

Newborn sessions are some of the most unpredictable photo sessions.  You are at the mercy of the baby and the sooner you accept that, the better :).  I plan for 2 hours for every newborn session.  There are very important steps that parents can do to ensure a smooth newborn photo shoot.

To the Parents of all Newborns…Follow These Tips:

  • Contact me and book a session the week after your due date.  IF NOT BOOKED BEFORE BIRTH, BOOK SESSION IN THE FIRST 2 WEEKS OF BABIES BIRTH
  • Stay calm…haha easier said than done right…Seriously, the baby can sense if you are uneasy or rushed and they will mimic your behavior.
  • Have one other person there if daddy can’t be.  Mother or Mother-in-law if your are brave:).
  • Lotion baby up before session to minimize dry,flaky skin.
  • Start feeding the baby 15-20 minutes before the portrait appointment is scheduled to start.  That way you will be finishing up when I have all my props and backgrounds set up.  Remember, stay calm.  I’m not going anywhere.
  • Undress baby down to diaper prior to feeding.  When he falls asleep soon after or during feeding we won’t have to disturb him by undressing.
  • Turn your thermostat up a couple degrees 1 hour before session.  I will bring a small heater, but it never hurts to have the house a bit warmer.
  • Have wipes, extra diapers, and extra receiving blankets readily available.
  • Have special blankets, clothes, or toys that you want to use in the babies portraits laid out so you don’t have to search for them during the session.
  • Don’t worry about anything!  I have never left a newborn session without getting some great portraits!

Here are some of my favorite newborn portrait sessions from this past year.

Lucas Newborn Photo Session

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