Large Family Portraits

Each year my in laws have a reunion, The Marrs Family Reunion.  Every reunion there are old photos displayed and new photos taken.  The photos taken are always quick snap shots of multiple different groups.  We have never really organized a nice large family portrait.  It’s silly really…the hardest part is coordinating a date and time when everyone will be there.  That part was already done a year in advance so almost everyone in the family is there.  This year I sent out a message about a week before the event letting everyone know that I wanted to get a huge family portrait at the reunion.  I sent this image and told everyone to wear something that matched (portrait color scheme of blue, white, grey, khaki).  These are colors that everyone will be able to match without going and buying a new outfit.

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Here is the result…These are some of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken probably because it is family, but also because it was a victory to have 40 some people looking pretty darn good!family pictures, large family picture, extended family picture, Columbia City family photographer, Ft. Wayne Photographer, outdoor family pictures


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