Norah’s 1st Dance Recital Portraits

My children attend daycare in Fort Wayne.  Their daycare provide several opportunities for kids to participate in extracurricular activities.  What makes these extracurricular activities different than usual is that the kids participate in them while they are at daycare.  It is great for the working parent that want their children to be involved in fun activities, but struggles with wanting to spend as much time as possible with the kiddos.

Norah has been involved in Kinder Dance through Carepointe Academy for the past several years.  The only downfall to her participating at daycare is that I don’t get to watch and I had no idea how much she enjoyed participating.  This year we will be attending Norah’s 1st Dance Recital:)  She brought her costume home and I couldn’t believe how excited she was about the recital!  Of course we had to get pictures…  So without further a do here are the portraits from Norah’s first dance recital portrait session.

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A big thanks to KinderDance and Carepointe Academy for offering this at our daycare!  I love to watch how excited she is when she comes home and shows me her moves.

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