Not Your Average Business Portraits

I had the privileged of photographing my brother-in-law and his colleagues at Wilcox & Associates.  Wilcox & Associates is a Sandler Training Franchise located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are committed to Sales Training, Management Training, Sales Consulting, Hiring Consulting, Pre-employment Testing and Sales Force Evaluations.  They are a group of forward thinking professionals dedicated to growing the bottom line of your business (who doesn’t want/need that?)  You may not be the right fit for them and equally, they may not be the right fit for you. What their team does is challenging, out of the box and thought provoking. What they do takes resources, specifically: time, effort, energy and investment of dollars. The only way to figure it out is to have a dialogue.  Check out Wilcox & Associates facebook page and help them get to their goal of 1,000 likes!

Our goal was to have Wilcox & Associates business portraits represent the work hard, play hard, out of the box thinking that they are known for.  We had a blast and the pictures are just proof.  The group business shots are some of my favorites and the individual head shots turned out great too.  Thank You Wilcox & Associates for the opportunity!  View their entire business professional portrait session here.

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“I had never seen Carrie’s photography work before our company photo session.  She was recommended by someone that I trust.  I can say that upon seeing the finished work I will DEFINITELY be using her again.  Carrie has a great personality that she used effectively to get the shots she needed to make us look good.  I’m impressed with the quality and the artistry of the shots.  If you are thinking of using her, I highly recommend her!” – Jim Wilcox, Owner Wilcox & Associates

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