Our Thankful Tree

It is going to seem ironic that I’m saying this on my photo blog, but I follow very few blogs and the few that I follow rarely make me take action or even hold my interest long enough to get to the end of each post with the exception of one, Jones Design Company.  This is my favorite resource for all thing crafty, home decoration ideas, normal frustrating mom things, and much more.  I just recently came across a post, The Thankful Tree, and thought I would share.  This post inspired me to take action.

This can be a stressful, busy time for our family.  Our Thankful Tree helps everyone (my husband and I) slow down and take a moment to really think about what really matters.  My children are young (2 and 4) so what is important to them (tractors, ponies, trains etc…) will become great memories when we look back on these tags several years from now.  However, mine and my husband’s tags help us appreciate each other more. The Thankful Tree is a way to lighten the mood after a tense day!

I wanted to get it up and going, but I still plan to add glitter to the branches.   Once this is done I will retake the photo during daylight hours to show you the finished tree.

Did you get to the end of this post!? pheeeewwwww I’m one step closer to being a better blogger 🙂

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