Photo Restoration Before/After

Old portraits have always fascinated me…and there is a charm that comes from the tattered edges of an old portrait that gives it a rustic old feel.  Heck these days people spend countless hours and use all sorts of tools and techniques to beat up furniture to achieve a rustic appearance.  Home decor and art are made to look old and worn to achieve that “shabby chic” feel.    However, there is a fine line between rustic looking and damaged.

My husbands aunt found an old portrait of her self when she was a little girl.  She brought it to me because there was a huge crease that ran the entire length of the photo going right through her face.  I was excited to get started on the restoration of the old portrait and surprise her with the results.

When restoring a photo I don’t make any edits to the original.  The original photo is scanned with a high quality scanner.  This scan creates a digital copy of the original.  The scanned digital copy is where I do all of my edits.  Once the edits are made I can print copies, save them onto a disk as a digital negative or both.  In Aunt Sue’s case we saved the image onto a disk and I had a fresh copy printed for her to display in a frame.  Contact me today to get a quote on your photo restoration project.

Okay…Okay I have made you wait long enough…not like you didn’t already scroll to the bottom to look at the Before/After of the restored portrait…

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